Alberta Fire Warning

Fire Status: moderate fire danger

Current Level – Fire Advisory  – moderate fire danger

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“A Fire Advisory has been declared for 1630 (4:30) June 4, 2019. The decision to implementthis Advisory has been made on the current and anticipated weather conditions. ThisAdvisory presents a moderate risk.Residents are reminded to be extra vigilant when using open flames. You can do your partby soaking the ground area adjacent to your fire pit, ensure all smoking materials areproperly extinguished and disposed of in non-flammable containers, and ensure thosecontainers are cold prior to disposal into any waste receptacle.Open air permit burning is prohibited – (Burning without being in a container).DESCRIPTION OF FIRE ADVISORY LEVELFire Advisory (moderate fire risk)
The exemptions to this fire advisory are listed as follows:• Internal household fire places• Approved burning barrels for farm and acreage use• Solid fuel barbecues (charcoal briquettes)• Liquid fuel barbecues (propane and natural gas)• Town Fire Pits in municipal parks or campgrounds• Backyard fire pits• Chimeneas or built in fire places on residential homes
The Fire Advisory shall be in effect until such time as the Fire Chief’s Office deems appropriate to change for purposes of the Forest and Prairie Protection Act and the Town of Cochrane Fire Bylaw. For further information, please contact the administrative offices at403-851-2540. Please visit or for fire ban information.


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