Message From The Chief of Police

On behalf of the members of the Tsuut’ina Nation Police Service, welcome to our new site.


The Tsuut’ina Nation Police Service is a unique policing agency, where we are privileged to serve a strong and progressive First Nations community and have all the benefits and challenges of living and working in proximity to one of the largest metropolitan cities in western Canada, Calgary.

The diversity in the policing role at the Tsuut’ina Nation Police Service is something that we take great pride in. From the proactive safety patrols to major investigations, our officers are committed to providing the best policing possible.  But, we don’t do the job alone and rely on the involvement of our community to assist us in our role.  The bringing together of dedicated officers, a committed policing commission and a supportive community truly defines the success of the Tsuut’ina Nation Police Service.

I continue to feel honoured to be part of this community as Chief of the Tsuut’ina Nation Police Service.  I have also been privileged to work with dedicated officers who take pride in their role and the Nation we serve.  As a result of having good people to work with and work for, our policing services for the Tsuut’ina Nation come with an emphasis on community values, those of respect and understanding.  It is this unique police environment, in combination with a strong, proud and supportive community which makes policing the Tsuut’ina Nation a very rewarding experience.

We are in an exciting time in the history of the Tsuut’ina Nation.  With the southwest segment of the Calgary Ring Road going through the Tsuut’ina Nation’s eastern boundary, we are poised to experience significant growth of our Service through visionary economic development of the Nation over the next decade.  With the extent of development planned and the rate at which growth will occur comes policing challenges that we embrace and look forward to meeting.

The advances in the community and within our Service continue to develop and evolve, but one thing remains the same – our commitment to providing the Tsuut’ina Nation the best policing services possible.

Please continue to find out more about our Service and the great community we serve through our website and explore the links we have included for your information.

Thank you for visiting our site.



Keith Blake
Chief of Police



Chief Keith Blake was sworn in as the 5th Chief of Police of the Tsuut’ina Nation Police Service on May 16th, 2013.

Prior to his appointment with the Tsuut’ina Nation Police Service, Keith served 24 years in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Keith was privileged to have completed all of his service in the Province of Alberta and experienced firsthand the culture, pride and honour in being part of the policing in seven different First Nations communities in Alberta.

Keith’s operational and investigative policing experience includes both front line uniform policing, as well as plain clothes duties in specialized units. Keith’s investigative background includes postings as a General Investigation/Major Crime Investigator, Federal Drug Unit Investigator and National Security Investigation Section (NSIS) Investigator and Supervisor, Detachment Commander, Emergency Response Team Leadership and Professional Standards.

Chief Blake is honoured to serve the truly great people of the Tsuut’ina Nation and work alongside the dedicated men and women of Tosguna.