Welcome from the Chief of Police

Chief Keith Blake Chief of Police,  Tsuu T'ina Nation Police Service
Chief Keith Blake
Tsuu T’ina Nation Police Service

On behalf of the members of the Tsuu T’ina Nation Police Service (Tosguna), welcome to the Tsuu T’ina Nation Police Service website.

The Tsuu T’ina Nation Police Service is a unique policing agency, where we are privileged to serve a strong and progressive First Nations community and have all the benefits and challenges of living and working in proximity to one of the largest metropolitan cities in western Canada, Calgary.

The diversity in the policing role at the Tsuu T’ina Nation Police Service is something that we take great pride in. From the proactive safety patrols to major investigations, our officers are committed to providing the best policing possible.  But, we don’t do the job alone and rely on the involvement of the community to assist us in our role.  It is this combination of dedicated officers, a committed policing commission and a supportive community that defines the success of the Tsuu T’ina Nation Police Service.

I’d like to invite you to find out more about our Service and the great community we serve through our website and explore the links we have included for your information.  I would also invite you to come back often for updates to the content of our site, much like how we continue to update and enhance the role we play in our community.  Thank you for visiting our site.


Keith Blake
Chief of Police